Why Your Aesthetics Matter

Why your website aesthetics matter

Just as having a business website serves as a CV for your business, it also serves as the first impression to your customers. Therefore, in making this impression last longer, your business website has to appear beautiful and pleasing to the eyes so as to keep your customer’s eyes glued.

Your website has to be welcoming, well organized and pleasing to the eyes. When your customers decide to go through your page without getting tired and existing, it’s all thanks to your site aesthetics! A good site aesthetics will bring higher conversions and sales to your business.

Why your website aesthetics matter

Before we dive deeper, what exactly is a Website Aesthetics?

Site Aesthetics is an important aspect of your customer’s journey. Basically, it is about the visual appearance of your website. In simple terms, Aesthetics means a pleasing appearance or effect. Site aesthetics has to do with everything that makes a website appearance look like a work of art at its first glance to its users (customers) and even to the Web designer.

A website’s aesthetics can influence a brand’s credibility and impression. Apart from your site contents and how it functions, it looks really matters and counts. When a customer comes across a beautifully designed website, it gives them a little confidence that the brand offers quality products or services.

We also need to understand, aside from the site’s design, other elements when put together brings out the best in a site’s aesthetics. They include bright colours, right fonts, imagery, the balance of spacing, best layout, and site responsiveness, amongst others. A flawless site design equals brand accolades.

Always remember, while designing your website, it needs an artistic touch so your visitors can be amazed and excited while going through it. Your users will have a positive experience with the right appearance your site gives.

Why your Website Aesthetics matters a lot

Site aesthetics have a lot of tangible benefits to your business. They include:

  1. Build a Brand Trust

As we know a well-optimized business website creates a first impression to visitors, it is imperative to know that the way it looks also builds trust in your offered products or services. More than 90% of online users said a well designed and attractive website gives them the confidence to transact with such a brand. An unattractive website brings about mistrust of a brand.

As a brand, while designing your business website, you need to carefully look for agencies that can build a satisfying site for your business. When customers take a glance at your site, they can easily decide and conclude on the brand’s readiness to deliver quality.

Therefore, to avoid losing prospective customers, ensure your website is modern and easy to navigate. Customers should enjoy viewing and not get bored in the process of going through your site.


  1. Increased Rankings and Visibility

As we know, with a well-optimized website, there are higher and better chances your site ranks better on the Search Engine Result Pages. Majorly the site’s goal is to be among the top five results.

Nowadays, most search engines prioritize users’ experiences. Therefore, apart from providing visitors with relevant content, you must consider factors such as the site speed, mobile friendliness, usability and so on.

The reality is users mustn’t struggle to navigate your site, as it leads to reduced rankings and visibility.

Therefore, a well designed and beautiful website will be user-friendly leading to increased rankings.

  1. Outshines Competitors

A well designed, attractive, responsive and interactive website can help you stand out amongst your competitors. It places you ahead of your competitors in the online space.

With good site aesthetics, customers will prefer to pick your brand over others as they will see it as the best(simply because they want the best).

It is imperative to note that your website is your storefront and plays a significant role in your brand.


Website aesthetics


Just like a popular saying, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, your website’s appearance and performance lie at the first glance of the viewer.

As stated above, you can easily see, that the importance of a site’s aesthetics cannot be ignored.


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